Stoumboudi, M.Th., Barbieri, R., Corsini-Foka, M., Economou, A.N. & Economidis, P.S. (2002).

Aspects of the reproduction and early life history of Ladigesocypris ghigii a freshwater fish species endemic to Rhodes island (Greece): Implementation to conservation.
In: Collares-Pereira, M.J., I.G. Cowx, M.M Coelho (ed.). Conservation of freshwater fishes: options for the future. Fishing News Books, Blackwell Science, Oxford, pp. 178-185.

In the course of a Life-Nature project aimed at implementing management actions for the endangered freshwater fish Ladigesocypris ghigii, endemic to Rhodes Island (Greece), primary data were collected on reproduction and early life history. The results of artificial fertilisation and rearing experiments are described. The reproductive period was determined from gonadosomatic indices and recording the presence and abudance of larvae in the field over a 13-month period. Breeding occurred in spring and early summer; however, the exact onset and duration of the reproductive period differed between areas and possibly years. Based on the large numbers of larvae and juveniles found, L. ghigii does not seem to face any serious recruitment bottleneck. Thus, extensive captive breeding and subsequent stocking actions are not recommended as a conservation tool for this species.

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