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The project

Within the frame of the European Union programme "LIFE-Nature" that aims at the conservation of the environment, the National Centre for Marine Research (N.C.M.R.) and the Developmental Company of Dodecanese S.A. (AN.DO. S.A.) have undertaken the materialisation of the project "Conservation measures for the endangered fish Ladigesocypris ghigii*" (B4-3200/98/445).

This project aims to implement management actions essential to the L. ghigii* (commonly called gizani) conservation. The total cost of the project is 290 million Greek drachmas (approx. 850,000 Euro). It is funded by the European Union (by 75%), the Greek Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (by 8.6%) and the N.C.M.R. (by 16.4%). The duration of the project is 57 months, starting on the February 1st, 1999.
The South Aegean District Authorities and the municipalities of Arhagellos, Kamiros, Kallithea and Southern Rhodes contribute to the project, as collaborating bodies.

It is the first time that Greece received European Union funds for management actions to conserve an endemic, endangered, freshwater fish species. Thus this project also aims to become a pilot project for the conservation of other Greek endemic freshwater fish species that are critically endangered. In addition, objective of the project is to underline the need to preserve the natural recourses, to raise public awareness on environmental protection and to motivate the development of eco-tourism.




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